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> What does natural mean?

The word 'natural' is interpreted in many ways within the health and beauty industry. It is possible to argue that all things are natural as they all come from the earth or exist in nature.

Our definition of natural is the direct use of aromatic plants and materials. Example: Rose essential oil is extracted directly from rose petals. The smell of Lilies however cannot be extracted from the leaves or petals so it is synthesised from molecules typically isolated in petroleum or Pine.

Socialcreatures use a small amount of synthetics in our products. These are usually those that would have been traditionally produced from animals. These include musks from deer and beaver.  Other instances are where the plant source is endangered or prohibitively expensive.

> Have these fragrances been tested on animals?

Our finished fragrances are not tested on animals.

All components would have been tested on animals at some point but the advantage of using natural aromatic materials is that their effects have been well documented over the years, centuries even, and do not require additional testing by us.

All the components in our products are used within the safe recommended levels as prescribed by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Please always read the label before using our products and avoid if you have broken skin, suffer from allergies, or are pregnant. If in doubt please consult your doctor.

> Why are they so expensive?

There are several reasons for the high price of our products:

1. Both the packaging and fragrance are handmade. This is time and labour intensive.

2. We make limited batches of each fragrance. Production on a small scale maintains both quality and exclusivity.

3. Many of the ingredients are high value. This is either because the plant is rare or its yield is low.

> How long will my order take to arrive?

Each Socialcreatures fragrance is made in batches of 100. Each order from stock is usually dispatched within 3 days. Depending where we are in our production cycle some orders may take a maximum of 6-8 weeks . We will always inform our customers of our current lead times for each fragrance.

When we develop new fragrances we will inform our existing customers and send them a sample if requested.

> Do you make bespoke fragrances for individuals?

No. We like to share our creations with others.