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Each fragrance takes a minimum of 18 months to develop. Initial concepts are created that embody a strong central idea. This idea is then interpreted in words, images, bottle design, packaging and of course the fragrance itself.

Russell Newell blends all Socialcreatures fragrances by hand. He then produces each batch in limited quantities (typically 100). Russell sources each ingredient, mixes the concentrate and matures it for a minimum of 8-12 weeks. This provides our customers with unique products that have richness, quality and depth. SocialCreatures products use a very high percentage of natural components (typically 95-99%) some of which are high value, and hard to find.

Products are available in our handfinished bottle (30ml EDP, & 100ml EDT) or the lightweight Travel Edition (10ml EDP, 15ml EDP, 30ml EDT). Prices range between £18 - £85.