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Here are a collection of concepts and ideas that inspired the creation of Socialcreatures fragrances. All Russell's work, including Socialcreatures, are part of a conceptual framework called '7 Bridges' that he created in 2003. 7 Bridges was the result of 3 years of self-reflection and analysis of his creative work over the past 30 years.

The 7 Bridges concept is based on the pioneering topological work of the 18th Century Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. Euler discovered that the 7 Bridges that criss-crossed the rivers of of Konigsberg could not all be crossed without passing over one of them twice. Russell has used this topological theory to explore points of intersection and contradiction in his own life - both physical (the convoluted maze-like inner-city housing estates and country lanes where he grew up) and metaphorical (ideas and experiences that he has revisited, deliberately or by chance, from a new or changed perspective).