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Socialcreatures is a 21st century family business founded by Russell Newell. We are a multi-discipline creative practice whose work is often conceptual in origin. We have chosen fragrance as a way to express these concepts and share them with others.

SocialCreatures expresses our view about the world and how people can interact with each other. One way we can all make our lives better is by having a vision of what we would like our ideal condition to be.

I am an optimist and hopeful about the future. I believe that human beings have an immense capacity to do good. My scents are designed to be a reminder of this to those who wear or come into contact with them. Scent is something that is both very personal to the wearer yet shared with others. - Russell Newell.

All Socialcreatures products are handmade in England. We have a love of craft and quality. Our aim is to engage like-minded souls with products that work on many levels.